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Altitude Payroll offers you a complete suite of solutions customizable and scalable to the size of your business. These online services allow you, your accountant, and your employees to easily access your payroll data and reports from anywhere on any type of device. Unlike many other payroll providers, our online system is a single data base of information so when you update an employee record it instantly applies of the services that you have access to. Most payroll systems out on the market today have bridges between their different products that have to "talk" to one another to transfer the information and changes.

If you want to just have access to your reports online and give your CPA access to those reports-that's perfect! If you want a complete solution with Payroll, HR, and Time and Attendance we can do that too. The links above take you to more information about each of these options. We invite you to explore these and find the solution that is right for you.  If you have more questions feel free to use the contact us button to have someone contact you to provide more information.